2 – Intermezzo – Blue Motion (Original Mix)
3 – Intermezzo – Hopelusion (Original Mix)
4 – Intermezzo – Amanecer (Original Mix)
6 – Intermezzo – El Dictador (Original Mix)
7 – Intermezzo – The Seed Odyssey (Original Mix)
8 – Intermezzo – We Not Me (Original Mix)
9 – Intermezzo – Esperanza (Original Mix)
10 – Intermezzo – Taxi in Lima (Original Mix)
11 – Intermezzo – Children (Original Mix)
12 – Intermezzo – Mercury (Original Mix)
13 – Intermezzo – Black Lives (Original Mix)
HOPE, Intermezzo’s new album in binaural format will be released on January 22nd.
The artistic union «Intermezzo» gives birth to a new album full of hope that in difficult times faces your fears, awakens your emotions and generates optimism paying tribute to all humanity.
«HOPE» is composed of 13 songs in binaural format, mixed and mastered by Metrica recording studios, The album will be published on their own label called «Intermezzo» and will be released in digital format on Friday January 22nd on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and the rest of the digital platforms.
On January 8th we will be able to listen and download a free a preview of HOPE on Intermezzo’s soundcloud channel.
Intermezzo is a union of creative minds, all born in Spain, that they bring together their love and passion for music and art, proof of this, that in the heat of pandemic and of very natural form, decide to unite their ideas to make us feel better by means of the direct influence that the music has in all of us.
During 2020 the same artists realized that they shared the same concerns and desire to explore and share their paths and sound adventures by experimenting with binaural music and with music more dance floor orientated where their individual careers speak for themselves.
The members of Intermezzo have worked on outstanding audiovisual projects and have been seen on stages all over the world, their productions are part of the catalogues of prestigious record labels such as Diynamic, Saved Records, Mobilee, Stil Vor Talent, Get Physical, Stereo Productions, Armada or Bedrock …
Thanks to it we keep our illusion alive, and illusion generates the necessary strength to make changes.
With this album, Intermezzo approaches the situation we are living today with hope.
Not with the hope that everything will be the same as before, but with the hope and confidence that the present and the future contain the necessary ingredients, so that we can fulfill our mission as humans on this planet..


Management – Cristina Navarro

Mastering- Metrica Recordings Studio

Graphic Design, Art Director – Miguel Ángel Salido

Motion Design by Íñigo Otaola