The term INTERMEZZO is an Italian word that means «Interlude». It began to be used in the Italian Renaissance at the end of the 15th century. Different performances were presented, usually opera, music and sometimes dance. The idea was that these pauses would be refreshing and interesting. Although, of course, over time they evolved and required a complex elaboration and full of spectacular scenery. All of this took place between acts, which is known today as an intermission.


The Team is mainly formed by producers but also there are vocalists, musicians, video creators, publishers, ilustrators and web designers. The values of creativity, freedom and  experimenting of every member are essential to define the project.


The result of the free union among these Spanish artists during the March 2020 quarantine 


Their first work as INTERMEZZO was released on May 2020 on their own record Label as a series of Eps and it was made to offer a HEARING PAUSE that makes people feel and move them to those places where only music makes us arrive. It is a new prism to face and see electronic music from its origin, from the most intimate composition.